Food team

We’ve got a number of roles within our fantastic food and catering team and would love for you to join us.

Swap shop team

Vacancies available: 3 roles 

The role of this team is to manage the exchange of any excess food units may have or if anything needs topping up for that day. Camps will be encouraged to use up all ingredients, but due to varied unit sizes some food will be spare.

Distribution leads

Vacancies available: 5 roles 

The distribution leads will oversee and assist the pickers when they come to collect their daily boxes. This will include guiding people through the distribution area and showing where daily ingredients are stored

Special diet

Vacancies available: 5 roles 

The special diets team will manage the pickers with the collection of any boxes which contain special ingredients including allergens, religious needs and food intolerance.

Members of this team may be required to go off site to shop for special diet ingredients.

Distribution logistics

Vacancies available: 2 roles 

These roles will manage the printing of daily picking sheets, labels and maintaining the flow of pickers as they move around the distribution area picking their daily boxes


Vacancies available: 5 roles 

This team will be responsible for delivering the food boxes, milk and chilled products from the distribution area to the sub camps. Drivers will also help with the daily deliveries and moving pallets and cages into position.

Catering team

Vacancies available: 5 roles 

To work alongside a team of professional chefs to create wholesome and tasty food to fuel the volunteers. Simple food prep, serving food and kitchen admin

Front of house team

Vacancies available: 10 roles 

The role for this team is to oversee and manage the smooth service of the meals to the staff. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with tea and coffee through the day.

The team will serve the meals keeping the counters topped up during meal time, make sure enough plates/ cutlery are ready and manage the staff as they come in for their meals.

Bar staff

Vacancies available: 3 roles 

We have two bars, one quiet bar and one late bar. Both bars will be serving a variety of beverages in the evenings and the teams will be serving the drinks, taking payments and stocking fridges.


If you would like to join the food and catering team, but are unsure of which role, please contact [email protected] or our David Hatherall, our Head of Food & Catering, [email protected]