International connections

International connections

We are looking forward to welcoming international visitors from across the globe to WINGS 2021. We appreciate taking young members overseas is a big commitment to take on and what is involved with all the organisation and planning that comes with it. We hope this section of the website along with the support from our International Connections Team volunteers will make this as simple as possible for you.


International Connections Policy

Before you begin your planning for WINGS 2021, we request all international groups to read our International Connections Policy. This explains exactly what the WINGS Jamboree team can support you with in relation to the formal requirements such as who can attend, VISA support, where our responsibilities start and end and more. Please read this and ensure you have understood the document as it underpins everything we do to support our international visitors.  

Read our International Connections Policy

Letter of Invitation

All international guests must have the support of the Member Organisation (WAGGGS) or National Scouting Organisation (WOSM) for their trip. We have put together an Open Letter of Invitation that you can share with your MO or NSO, so that they know you are eligible to attend the camp. 

Download our Open Letter of Invitation  

Booking your group

If you’ve not yet booked your group to come to WINGS 2021 then head on over to the ‘Attend WINGS’ page to enter all your groups’ details

Connecting you to a UK unit

We would like to be able to connect all international groups with a UK group. This link before, during and after camp can help to enhance the experience for both groups involved.  

We understand that travelling from outside of the UK means bringing camping and catering equipment is a challenge. We hope to be able to link you with a unit that can support you in providing additional tents and other equipment from within the UK to mean international groups do not need to bring quite so much. Our local units can also assist if you are looking to stay in the UK either before or after WINGS by helping you identify places of interest to visit or suitable accommodation to stay in. They can also help to offer you an insight into what camping in the UK can be like, as this can vary vastly from your own experiences. There may be additional costs involved in providing equipment, which you will need to discuss with your UK group

During the camp, international units and their linked UK units often camp as one big happy family, sharing with jobs such as the catering, etc. This enables both the young members and the adults to bond and build long lasting friendships. 

After the camp, we hope these friendships will continue and who knows, perhaps in the future you will be inviting your UK unit back to your country for a camp there. 

Preparing for your visit

We understand that there is a wide range of different cultures and religions and we want all of our international guests to feel at home at WINGS 2021. We aim to bring all of these together to create a unique experience where we celebrate diversity 

In order to do this, our International Connections team will be in touch with all of our international groups and individuals to ensure we are familiar with your needs and that any specific requirements are in place for you on arrival. 

Supporting you throughout the camp

Our International Connections team will be available throughout the camp to ensure that your visit is a happy one. They will be visiting international units daily. If there is anything we can help you with, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. 

Supporting your VISA Application

We are able to provide you with a supporting letter for your VISA application, confirming your booking with WINGS 2021. In order for us to do this, you will need to complete the VISA form. We can then send out the supporting letter. These letters are individual to each group and take time for us to process so we recommend you get your form to us as soon as you have all the information 

Beyond the WINGS Experience

We know that some of our international guests come along for the WINGS experience and extend their stay in the UK, either before or after camp, to do some sightseeing in our beautiful country – to view information our International Connections Team have collated, click here.