Kim Crown

Hey there! I’m Kim Crown and I simply can’t wait for WINGS2020! I think Scouting provides the most amazing opportunities for our young people to learn and try new adventures. No surprises then that I’m excited to be the Learning & Development Manager as part of the wonderful HR team.

I’m an Assistant Scout Leader at Littlewick Green Pinkneys Green group in Maidenhead. I’ve previously held a role as an Assistant Cub Leader also within PG. It was kinda inevitable that I was going to be a leader one day as I was an unofficial Cub back in the days before girls were allowed to join the party! My Mum was Akela at PG so I tagged along and made a nuisance of myself. I’m now the fourth generation of my family to be involved in Scouting at PG.

In fact I met my husband Michael through Scouting (he was one of my Mum’s Cubs way back when) He was my knight in shining armour when I fell off a log next to a campfire in the woods and he caught me (bring on the ooo’s and ahhhh’s) He’s now the Scout Leader for our Troop so an evening doesn’t go by in our house without the mention of Scouting!

Even our dog Polo is a fully invested Scout and loves all things Scouty, especially camping and making lots of noise! He’s looking forward to joining Michael and our Scouts at WINGS2020 already!

In my day job I’m a Learning & Development Manager for Virgin Media and have been working in L&D for about 12 years so hopefully I’ll bring some useful skills and knowledge. Scouting, family& friends and learning are my 3 main passions in life so it’s amazing that WINGS2020 is bringing me the opportunity to combine all three!