Lewis Wilson


Lewis Wilson

Head of Climbing and High-Ropes

Hi I’m Lewis Wilson, Heading up the climbing zone for WINGS 2020 with Hannah. I attended WINGS 2009 as an explorer, came back in 2014 as part of the climbing team. Now I’m keen to make this year’s climbing zone the best yet!

I have been to several Jamborees as part of their climbing team, so I’ve got a lot of good ideas for WINGS 2020. I’ve been climbing for around 7 years now and gained both my RCI (rock climbing instructor) and mountain leader award.

I have been in scouting now for 18 years, starting out in 3rd Wokingham cubs and currently I am an assistant explorer scout leader and county climbing assessor.

Why do I want to be involved with the WINGS programme? I am passionate about bringing adventurous activities to everyone. Also, I’m very keen on training and developing new leaders throughout the process of making WINGS2020 happen – so if you are interested in being on the team and want training, then please get in touch – [email protected]

We have some very ambitious plans for climbing and adventure and are looking for people with all sorts of skills to help us, you don’t have to be nuts about climbing like me!