Listening Ears




APPLY ONLINE (Team member)

Team size – 6 people + 1 team lead

At any given time; 4 people walking site (in pairs) being available for participants and volunteers to approach where necessary. (lunch and tea in shifts)

The remaining pair to be static in the Welfare Hub to be available should anyone need to talk there.


To listen and watch out for, areas of safeguarding concerns. Things that have been picked up by such teams before;

  • Rubber craze: using a rubber to rub against arms or legs to cause friction burns and daring each other to see how far they can take it.
  • Hand sanitiser craze: drinking hand sanitiser as the bottle says “contains alcohol”
  • Witnessing Racial abuse against international participants.
  • Hearing of groups of children dare each other to take part in sexual activity.

Patrol teams to carry a note book to record, time, date, place and description of what has been witnessed. Return to Welfare hub and report to team leader who will liaise with Welfare Lead and comms rep.

We are NOT the safeguarding team, we are here to support only. Information must be passed on the safeguarding teams as appropriate.