Monika Zhao



my name is Monika and I am honoured to be on the WINGS 2020 team. I was lucky enough to attend WINGS 2014 with my local Scout group, and it was an amazing experience. Not only did I love the activities, but I also enjoyed making new contacts with Scouts and Explorers from many places. Visiting international groups on site was a particularly enjoyable experience for our Scouts and myself. The experience was so positive that I knew back in 2014 that I wanted to be a part of the next WINGS.

So here I am, helping the international team of WINGS 2020 to the best of my abilities and experience: I speak a few languages, work with young people every day, and I have lived abroad from my hometown for many years. Most of all, I want to help building bridges between people of various backgrounds and cultures. I hope that everybody attending WINGS 2020 will have an unforgettable experience. A warm welcome to all of you!