Nigel Fluffy Blackmun


Nigel ‘Fluffy’ Blackmun

Head of Site Services and Build

Hi, I’m Fluffy.

I am over-joyed to have been appointed Head of Build and site services for Wings 2020.

I have some big but amazing shoes to fill from my brilliant predecessor, but am excited to have recruited most of the 2014 and 2009 teams again. (If you haven’t registered yet please do so and quote “I’m with Fluffy”).

So a bit about me…. I’ve been knocking about in Windsor & Eton for nearly 20 years as an adult leader and before that I did my time in my youth in all sections.

As a scout through and through I have been press ganged in to many awesome events, camps, parades and shows. Service crew member for Bears rails campsite, sound and scenery team member for S.E. Berks Gangshow, queen scout parade and I am the Explorer Scout Leader for Old Windsor. I have the most amazing explorer scout unit and Thursday nights are my favourite.

Although I have only been on the main site for the 2 previous WINGS it has become my family. The immediate response from the team when I messaged “who’s with Fluffy” was fantastic.

We have the makings of a brilliant 2020 in the planning and from the site build and site services my team have this locked down.

Still room to join the fun squad folks!

I can’t wait to get on site and start building and laughing.

Wings 2020 I hope you are ready for us.