Photography and Multimedia Team Leader




Responsible to: Head of Marketing
Responsible for:  The capture of photos and video that will help us to promote WINGS 2020 during the event and for use to promote future WINGS events
Works with: WINGS 2020 Head of Marketing and IT

WINGS 2020 Programme Team

WINGS 2020 PR Officer

Role purpose and scale: •      To be responsible for a team of photographers / videographers for the capture of photos and videos during WINGS 2020

•      To help with creative direction for media capture

Key activities of the role: Specific Responsibilities:

•      Manage a team of volunteer photographers or videographers

•      Provide creative direction, guidance and support to team members for media capture

•      Provide support with media for social media and newsletters while on site

•      Help the team to maintain compliance with data protection WINGS policy and UK regulations


Time Commitment •      Your involvement will begin as soon as your appointment has been confirmed and will end with the delivery of the final audited accounts and closure reports.

•      As well as attending the WINGS 2020 event itself, you will be expected to attend (in person or virtually) marketing meetings, and other meetings and events as required.

Role requirements By accepting this role:

•      You will be required to become a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) or the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) if not already.

•      You will be required to hold a current DBS Disclosure through either Girlguiding UK or The Scout Association UK.

The appointee must:

a)  accept the values of Scouting and Guiding

b)  agree not to promote any beliefs, behaviours or practices that are not compatible with the values of Scouting or Guiding

c)   agree to work within the policies and rules of both Associations

d)  have not been convicted of any other offence(s) or subject to disciplinary proceedings relevant to this role

Person specification To be successful in this role you will need to demonstrate a number of the following competencies:

•      Experience of leading teams

•      Experience of jamboree / large event photography or videography

•      Creative mindset

•      Be friendly, approachable and a great ambassador for WINGS 2020

Why take on the role? •      Opportunity to be part of one of the largest international Guide and Scout camps in the UK

•      Helps further build and develop your CV

•      Opportunity to learn new skills

•      Collaborate with a team of people who are highly motivated and excited about creating fun, exciting and adventurous experiences for young people (and older ones too…)

Application and appointment Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview at a location in Berkshire or virtually via skype.

For further information email [email protected]