Richard Goodyear


Richard Goodyear

Retail and Concessions Manager

I’m Richard Goodyear and I am the Retail and Concessions Manager for WINGS 2020.  Inside of Scouting, I’m an Explorer Scout leader on the west of Reading, and in my spare time I’m an Operations Manager for a large telecoms company.

I’ve been hooked on Jamborees since having the opportunity to attend as staff at Eurojam 05 and then WSJ in 2007, which I can hold responsible for the job I do today.  Attending WINGS 2020 will be my twelfth jamboree as a member of staff.

WINGS 2020 will be my second WINGS experience having been before in 2009.  I return doing a role which is new to me, but I hope to be able to bring to everyone all the souvenirs, sweets, drinks, and snacks they could want in our shop, all the retail experiences they need across several outlets onsite, while also ensuring there are opportunities to catch up with friends or get that morning caffeine hit in our very own coffee shop or enjoy one of many soft drinks in our drinks bar.

We would love to hear the kind of things you would like to see at WINGS for sale, and hope we can arrange plenty of memories for you to take and share with those at home.

I’m looking forward to seeing as many as possible of you at WINGS 2020 for what I know will be an amazing week.