Bex Bockett-Pugh


Bex Bockett-Pugh

Welfare Team Leader

I’m Bex Bockett-Pugh, Welfare Team Leader for WINGS 2020. I’m so excited to be apart of WINGS this time. I have had the pleasure of working on a few different Jamborees collecting a variety of experiences, from Peak 2015, Poacher 2008, 2013 and 2017 and Norjam 2014 and 2018. I’ve lead subcamps, been an Archery Instructor and part of the International Team. So it’s great to be able to put all those adventures and knowledge in to the Welfare role at WINGS. I applied for the Welfare Team Leader role as I thought it was the next step up in my Jamboree journey, allowing me to expand my knowledge and skills set as well as bringing what I can to the Jamboree.

I have been in Guiding all my life, from Rainbows onwards. I’ve held County roles as well as being a Brownie, Guide and Senior Section Leader. I’ve just moved from Lincolnshire, where I was also District Commissioner, to Buckinghamshire, where I’m now Assistant Brownie Leader, hoping to set up a Ranger unit in the new year and I’ve just been appointed County Queens Guide Advisor. Like one of our other team members I’m on board with the High Wycombe Gang show as well, which is incredibly exciting, as its bringing back childhood memories of dancing in shows.

I love Guiding and Jamborees, I’ve gotten so much from them throughout various stages of my life. I love the adventure, meeting new people and overcoming new challenges. I had the pleasure of making friends from Ghana, Thailand and Uganda at Norjam this time and love that jamborees provide so much opportunity for the Guiding and Scouting movements worldwide.

In my spare time (yes I do have some occasionally!) I’m a candle lady, I sell candles, home fragrance and accessories via home parties and I also love to sing with the Military Wives Choir! (in the midst of all that I have a husband and a cat!! Who occasionally get my attention too!).

I cant wait to meet everyone in 2020 and hope you have an incredible time!